Endorsed for the second straight term by the Editorial Board of the Daily Herald.

“Surges’ experience and commitment are key. We endorse Surges.”

Guy Zambetti, President, Village of Gilberts

“As a Village Trustee, Cliff served the residents of Gilberts at a pivotal time and his tremendous work for us continues today on the Kane County Board. His dedication to our community is a huge benefit to our residents, and I’m proud to be his neighbor and his friend.”

Chris Nelson, President, Village of West Dundee

“Cliff understands the importance of building partnerships with municipalities throughout Kane County, including here at the Village of West Dundee. During the pandemic, Cliff worked to make sure our local businesses received the help and guidance necessary to keep their doors open during an unprecedented time. We’re thankful for his efforts and look forward to working with him for four more years.”

Jeff Lynam, President, Village of East Dundee

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cliff Surges and his family for many years and am proud to say he is a man of true character. His service to our board and residents continues to be appreciated along with his work ethic and perseverance.  He has helped so many including our businesses, big and small. We need Cliff’s experience to help guide the county through this challenging time.”

Arin Thrower, Supervisor, Dundee Township

“When so many politicians keep trying to raise taxes, Cliff Surges is a true fiscal conservative who knows how the county can live within its budget, while still providing important services. He continues to be a resource and positive connection for us at Dundee Township and we’re excited to continue our work together.”

Kathy Jaskowiak, Sleepy Hollow, Former Outreach Director Children Home & Aid.

“He is always willing to lend a hand, donate, or serve as called upon.  Cliff, thanks for all you do.”


Jeff Meyer, Elgin Community College Trustee (retired)

“Cliff, I appreciate your willingness to serve again.  We can make a difference in our community if everyone helps out. Keep up the hard work and thank you.”


Nicole Lawson Travis, American Family Insurance

“Cliff was a natural choice for the Chicago Metro Community Impact Award.  His work in the prison system isn’t something that just anyone can do. I know it is a calling for him and to have Audrey as a CASA volunteer, blessings!”  


Don DeWitte, State Senator 33rd District

“Cliff, it’s great to have another life long Fox Valley resident being involved. The area has come a long way since I was Mayor in St. Charles, but we have so much more to do.  Thanks for all your help at the county and for always rolling up your sleeves.”